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Muslim Females, Feminsim and Sexuality in Islamic Countries
Muslim Women and Feminism

Pakistani Muslim Woman. Submitted by reader. Click to see More!After September 11, 2001 World Art Erotica opened a new section on Islam and Sex from a feminist point of view. Many Muslims reacted in the same way as they have when others have offered differing or critical interpretations of Islamic ideology by sending us Death Threats.

Islam is the only major religion that does not allow criticism or satire.  However, we stand by our Universal Right to freedom of speech including the right to be critical of Islam.

It is our belief that Feminism and Female Sexuality is the Achilles Heel of Radical Islam.

A woman who thinks outside of the confines of obedient wife and mother, a woman who dares to enjoy sex outside marriage. Such women receive the harshest treatment under Radical Islam.

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To believe that such behaviour is a sin is fine. To imprison or even kill such women is wrong. Plain and Simple. It goes against the fundamental human rights of women. The right to life and liberty. We hope to see such laws and practices change in the Muslim countries as they have in the Christian ones.

As with Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and many other religions, Islam has very severe restrictions with regards to women's rights in general and female sexual behaviour in particular. But the Islamic countries have evolved in a very different way than in other religions of the modern world. For instance, like Islam, Christianity is a very Patriarchal religion but there has been a strong separation between Church and State in most Christian countries.

As well, while the men were off fighting and dying in the two World Wars, women in most Western countries were able to begin dismantling many of the social and legal restrictions that prevented them from realising their full potential as equal members of society. That process is by no means complete but with increasing economic, political and social power women have, especially in the West, been enjoying greater freedom to explore their every aspect of equality including sexual freedom.

Sadly the same evolutionary path did not occur in the Muslim countries. The Mullahs (Muslim Priests) and other Islamic authotities are a strong power in the running of day to day affairs of most Muslim countries. This is especially true with regards to women and their sexuality. There are 44 predominantly Muslim countries in the world and in most of them men and women are strictly separated in most public areas. In fact, any public display of affection between a man and woman, even if they are married, is forbidden in most Muslim countries. 19th Century Turkish Erotica

Women are supposed to dress modestly and be to virgins before marriage. In fact, if a women is suspected of being sexually active before marriage then quite often she is killled by a male member of her family. These crimes of "honor" occur in most Muslim countries today and the males are rarely punished. In fact, they are looked upon as heroes for restoring their families "honor".

Even in marriage sexual equality inequality is pervasive. According to Islamic tradition men must always be dominant, even in bed. A female is not allowed to be on top when making love to a man. Any sexual position where the female is on top is considered haram or sinful.

Though a woman has a right to sexual pleasure as stated in the Quran, in actual practice a woman's pleasure is always secondary to that of a man's. To give just one example, cunnilingus is almost unheard of in the Muslim world. Consequently, the phrase "sexually satisfied Muslim woman" has become an oxymoron.

And now the religion of Islam has today been hijacked by radical Muslim fundamentalists who have an even more negative view of sexual freedom for women. There are many more restrictions on females that, when taken together, make Muslim women among the most sexually abused, repressed and frustrated in the world.

Paradoxically Muslim men are also very sexually frustrated. After all, what pleasure is there in making love to a woman who is caged in the home, uneducated, passive and docile. Unless of course, one is a sadist.

The result is that Muslim men have free reign in Islamic countries with little restraining influence from women. If we look at the world in general, we can see that countries where women have more power and freedom tend to be less violent and intolerant than countries where women are relegated to the roles of wife and mother and not much more. Countries such as Holland and the Scandinavian countries where women have great equality to men are also the countries that are least aggresive in their behariour as global citizens.

So our solution to the problem of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism is simple: "GIVE MUSLIM WOMEN MORE POWER!!"

Of course as many Muslims reply that women in the Islamic world enjoy greater rights and freedoms than in the West. We at World Art Erotica would beg to differ. Here are some examples of those greater "rights and freedoms" for a female Muslim in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain & Kashmir.

Women are 50% of the planet's population so it is just logical that they should share 50% of the power. The West should work very strongly towards women's emancipation in the Muslim countries of the world. When women have a much greater degree of power in the Muslim world there will be less of the jihad and warmongering mentality that is so prevalent in Muslim countries today.

Promoting Female Emancipation and Equality in the Middle East will be one of the most effective ways to achieve peace and to prevent a looming clash between East and West. And it is much cheaper than fighting a Third World War with the Islamic world!

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