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Butterfly Knee Press
(Assisted Baddha Konasana)
Butterfly Knee Press


1. Sit on the floor back to back with your partner. Place the bottoms of your feet together.

2. Reach behind you, place your hands on your partners knees and press down gently.

3. While in this position let your head hang down so your chin touches your chest, then, turn your head to the right and slowly bring it up and back, holding for 2 breaths. Then let your head hang down again, this time turn it to your left and bring it up and back as before, holding for 2 breaths before bringing your head back to center.

Health Benefits:

Improves flexibility of legs and neck.

Keep in Mind:

Make sure that your hips and backs are firmly against each other while doing this pose to ensure both partners feel supported.

Breathe deeply \