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sitting body twist
Partner Yoga Tantra


Sit back to back with your partner

Put your left foot into your groin

Cross your right leg over

Lengthen your spine and twist

Put left elbow over right knee

Reach through for Partner's hand

Extend right hand to Partner

Look over your right shoulder

Health Benefits:

This pose helps relieve lower back tension while massaging the organs in the abdomen. You will feel the stretch in your external and internal oblique muscles.

Keep in Mind:

If you can't reach your partner's hand, just go as far as you comfortably can, and breath into that spot. Try to keep your hips against your partner's and your backs straight.

Sitting Body Twist - Partner Tantra Yoga


Breathe into the position 2-3 times

When both partners are ready, switch

Start by putting your right foot into your groin


Breathe Deeply \

Why practice Tantra Partner Yoga?

  • 1) When both partners are naked it is easier to see exactly where each part of the body is positioned. Practice with a mirror and enjoy each other!
  • 2) Nude Partner Yoga postures allow for greater flexibility than many any single yoga asanas. Because you are continually supported. It is possible to try greater and deeper stretches than when you are doing it alone.
  • 3) Nude Partner Yoga fosters touch, communication, cooperation, challenge, exercise, play and getting to know each others bodies.
  • 4) Nude Partner Yoga can help to bring a couple together through an intimate, sensual yet non-sexual physical practice.

Yoga Tantra Kama Sutra AumPrinciples of Partner Yoga:

  • All things are interdependent.
    Touch and intimacy are basic human needs.
  • Fear and pain are two of life's greatest teachers.
  • Exercise and rest are essential for vibrant health.
  • Laughter and play are life's fountains of youth.
  • Partnership is based on trust and communication.
    Breath is life.