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"The Mongolian Horseman"SECRET PRESCRIPTIONS OF THE BEDROOM (Ancient Chinese Taoist Text)

"In love-making, the semen must be regarded as a most precious substance; by saving, a man protects his life. After each ejaculation, the loss of semen should be compensated for by absorbing the essence fluids of the woman.

There is a method of saving the semen that consists in pausing nine times after every series of nine strokes of the Jade Stalk; the emission of semen can also be prevented by pressing a point underneath the Jade Stalk with the fingers of the left hand. This technique helps to stop the external emission of semen and makes it return inward, strengthening the whole body.

Absorbing the woman's essence is brought about by alternating nine shallow thrusts with one deep penetration. Placing one's mouth over that of the precious partner, one inhales her breath and drinks her saliva.

When the juices are swallowed, they will descend into the stomach, where they will change from Yin-essence into Yang. When this has been accomplished three times, one shuld again deliver shallow thrusts, alternating every nine of them with one deep penetration, until nine times nine has been reached. This number, eighty-one, is the high completion of the Yang.

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