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Investment Opportunity in the World Art Erotica Love Hostel!
Portland, Oregon, one of America's most quirky, sexy and socially progressive cities!

Portland at its best! Sexy Quirky and Politica!We hope you are enjoying your visit to the virtual World Art Erotica! Over our 12 year history as an online museum, we have hosted thousands of visitors and members.

At present the physical World Art Erotica art collection is in storage at Hedonisia Hawaii, our eco-friendly community home base located in 'Big Island', Hawaii.

However, it is our plan in the future to open a Love Hostel based on the Love Hotel model in Japan.

We seek to locate the future World Art Erotica Love Hostel in Portland Oregon. We like Portland because the city is progressive, liberal, sex positive, and with a strong sense of community and social enterprise.

The future World Art Erotica Love Hostel would have a collection of beautiful cultural and historical art from around the world. It would also have a more political approach based on the work we are doing in the sister website of World Art Erotica, Sexual Equalism. Sexual Equalism looks at modern sexuality from a politically incorrect point of view.

We seek like minded investors because we don't have the funds for purchasing the right building! We invite potential investors to look at both sites. Examine them thoroughly and see if the views and information they portray, line up with your own values.

If you feel you might be interested in this investment possibility we would love to hear from you! We have created a business plan that allows for a shared ownership and profit arrangement with investors who see and support the work we are trying to do.

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