HedoFeminist Entrepreneur Coaching R&D

In these entrepreneur coach sessions, we teach that one of the most effective ways to create sustainable solutions to any societal problem is to create a business model that addresses the issue AND makes a profit! If people can earn a living from making a change in the world then the work they are doing is truly sustainable. This is especially true in the field of human sexuality.

Sex-Positive Entrepreneur: A business that works with human sexuality to achieve a more liberal, therapeutic, and progressive approach to sex in the modern world.

We will show you how to morally align a sex business with social and environmental goals in a realistic and easy-to-learn format. You will learn how to create a sensual enterprise that can be a financial, personal, and societal success.

More importantly, as described in our Adult Education resources will learn to work with sexuality in a manner that addresses social issues and challenges that stem from sexual dysfunction.

Introductory Coaching Session Special: $50 - 1/2 Hour

In this session, you can talk about your ideas and ask us any questions you wish. It also gives us a chance to chat with you. We do not want to work with a client who we don't feel will benefit from our coaching sessions. And we want you to feel that you will benefit from these coaching sessions.

Business Coaching Packages

If you feel during the Introductory session that you will benefit from the Sensual Entrepreneur Business Coaching Sessions that we offer then you may sign up for any of the following packages:

  1. $150 per single session
  2. 3 Session Package: $400
  3. 5 Session Package: $650

Each session is about 60 minutes. Sessions will be conducted via video chat.

World Art Erotica Membership. Is included with any package.

Hedopreneur Business Coaching Modules

  • Entrepreneur Overview: Introduction to HedoFeminist and EcoSex Entrepreneurship.
  • HedoFeminist Entrepreneurs: Encouraging Creativity & Discussing Student Ideas.
  • Sustainable Business: Defining, Creating & Maintaining a Sustainable Business.
  • Virtual Business: Business Website, Online Marketing & Working Virtually.
  • The Human Element: Customer Service & Finding a Healthy Balance for Yourself.
  • Moral Business: Guidelines for and Benefits of Ethical Business Practices.