Examples of Ethical Sex Positive Companies using World Art Erotica Images

All World Art Erotica images are available royalty-free for unlimited commercial and editorial use. Erotic art can add a touch of sensual class to your products or services!

Because we believe in the propagation of sensual art we offer very liberal and open licensing terms. There is no limit to the number of copies of images which you use on your products. Nor is there any additional cost no matter how many copies you print if you use our image in a commercial publication.

Your membership price to the World Art Erotica Image Bank includes an unlimited license to reproduce the image for as long as you wish and on as many products as you wish!

Companies that are part of the Hedonisia EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio use World Art Erotica images. You can too!


Sex to Save the World. Discussion Group & EcoSex Entrepreneur
Sex to Save the World. Discussion Group,  Sex Positive Companies & Ideas for Starting One!


Tantric Ganja: An EcoFeminist Aphrodisiac for Consent Culture!
An EcoFeminist Aphrodisiac for Modern Consent Culture!


EcoSensual Sexy Contraception Methods
EcoSensual Sex-Positive Contraception for Women & Couples

While not compulsory, we request that you state somewhere on your product the following credit:
"Image Courtesy of World Art Erotica.com"

Sex positive companies from around the world are invited to join World Art Erotica. You will find images and illustrations to help make your company a success!