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"In order to be able to think you have to risk being offensive."
Jordan B. Peterson - An Anecdote to Life

Nearly everything that humans do has a sexual component. Sex education is a foundation for human life and human behavior. It is our life force and underlies many of our motivations. Sex is connected to so many forms of human behavior. However, it is often in a way that is dysfunctional; with societal or environmental costs.

When we try to banish sexual pleasure, as many religions and cultures try to do, people will often find harmful 'substitutes'. Violence is often substituted for sex and so is consumerism.

Sex like food, water, and shelter is a basic need. However, it is not given equal respect as such. Just as a starving person will behave differently when people have a lack of fulfilling love and sex in their life they will engage in other types of behavior to compensate.

Unlike most academic, theoretical, or therapy-based approaches to looking at sex we use different methods:

  1. The way it is - Identify the Problem: We identify an area of sexual dysfunction. For example, in Sex and Politics, we might look at the sex scandals that plague male politicians and we try to identify the underlying causes and dysfunctions this causes.
  2. The way it could be - Hedonista Solutions. We discuss sex-positive entrepreneur ideas and other creative personal or political 'solutions' that attempt to address the issue.

Royalty-Free Hedopreneur Ideas

Many of the articles have ideas that could form the basis of a new ethical eco-sex enterprise in which members can start on their own without having to pay any royalty or licensing fees.

1) Sex & Politics

  1. Sex & Feminism
  2. Sex & Democracy
  3. Sex & Power
  4. Sex & Slut Shaming

2) Sex & Religion

  1. Sex & Christianity
  2. Sex & Islam
  3. Sex & Spirituality
  4. Sex & Nature

3) Sex & Drugs

  1. Sex & Marijuana
  2. Sex & Alcohol
  3. Sex & Ecstasy

4) Sex & Money

  1. Sex Work
  2. Sex & the Workplace
  3. Sex & Technology

5) Sex & The Media

  1. Sex & Art
  2. Sex & Hollywood
  3. Sex & Advertising
  4. Sex & Porn

6) Sex & Culture

  1. Sex & Race
  2. Sex & Travel
  3. Sex & China 
  4. Sex & India
  5. Sex & Community

7) Sex & Society

  1. Sex & Beauty
  2. Sex & Healing
  3. Sex & Population
  4. Sex & Homosexuality
  5. Sex & Bisexuality
  6. Sex & Laughter
  7. Sex & Violence

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