Royalty-Free art from around the World

We still preserved the Original Member's Area so visitors can continue to enjoy a beautiful museum tour from when we first started the website in 1995.

Our Royalty-Free Art Use Policy

We give members of World Art Erotica the right to freely use any of the art images in our gallery for commercial or private use as well as the freedom to alter them with editing or AI tools.

Copyright Link: If you do decide to use an image from our collection we would appreciate it if you acknowledge us. A simple copyright notice will suffice such as: "Image Courtesy of".


As a Member of World Art Erotica, you have access to hundreds of historical and cultural erotic art images from around the world which you can freely use. This is one of the few museums where you can take the art you like home with you!

Enjoy your Membership.

M. Mustapha - Director of World Art Erotica

Hedonista Resources

As part of your World Art Erotica membership you also have access to the Hedonista Sapiosexual Portfolio:

Pleasurable Activism Publications

Articles and books on sex and society. Many of our articles, essays, and ideas are very much raw and evolving and this is deliberately so. Sex is an uncomfortable subject in almost every human culture. Open, tolerant discussion of sexuality is still very difficult for many people no matter which country they come from. However, dysfunctional sexuality causes so many other problems in society today.

Other Resources

  1. Eastern Erotic Literature - Quotations from the classics of ancient Eastern literature.
  2. Historical Western Erotic Literature - Quotes from the classics of ancient Western literature.
  3. World Sex Reports - Interesting and timeless media articles on sex and society.

Entrepreneurship and Discussion Groups

  1. HedoFeminist Entrepreneur - Information and research on being an ethical sex-positive entrepreneur. This book is evolving. Access is included with membership. While reading and learning feel free to use the Comment feature to compliment, criticize or make suggestions.
  2. Hosting Sex, Diversity & Free Speech Discussion Groups - We had success both before and during the pandemic with hosting workshops on various aspects of sex and society in Portland Oregon. They were a success and we offer resources for members to host their own zoom or in-person discussion groups.