The Netherlands is one of the most laid-back, liberal and tolerant countries in the world. Sex, Drugs and Euthanasia. It’s all here. And it’s all legal or at the very least, decriminalised.

With all this freedom and permissiveness the funny thing is that society has not broken down. Amsterdam, that den of iniquity, vice and immorality, remains much safer than almost any major American city.

As well, Holland is a country where women have a greater degree of equality than most. In Holland feminism took a different turn from the North American version of feminism. In this rainy, misty land sexual equality is as much in evidence as political, social and economic equality.

Men are not punished for being horny as is the case in the U.S. where laws governing the relationships between the genders have often slipped into the level of the ludicrous. When a six year old boy is expelled from school for kissing a girl then society needs to really look at what it’s doing to gender relations.

Instead women in Holland have developed their own sexuality which tends to be not as defensive as North American women. As a result, Dutch women are some of the most amazing, strong and sensual women on the planet. They are not afraid to go after what they want!

Despite, or perhaps, because of the Christian Church’s prudishness, European artists revelled in creating mischievious images of men and women engaged in lewd and lascivious fun. What is notable about the European works is the religious satire much of which can be seen as a reaction to the dour dictates of the Church.

Another aspect that makes European art so unique is the humorous satire, debauchery and lechery inherent in many of the artworks. They create a “human-ness” that is readily identifiable to everyone regardless of age or culture.