Chinese Erotic Art

China is yet another example of a great civilisation with a deeply sensual past and a rigidly conservative present. The ruling communist party has an attitude towards sexuality that any religious fundamentalist would be proud of. In “modern” China, it is illegal to reproduce anything which the authorities define as immoral or pornorgraphic. This would even include erotic paintings and statues from earlier times in China’s history such as the images depicted below.

china-02china-65china-84Unknown — China-100
"Statue of lovers" - China-101

Japanese Erotica & Anime

There is a raw, primal energy in Japanese erotic art that is quite awe inspiring. Gigantic, savage-looking penises, some almost as large as their owners, plunging into equally cavernous vaginas carried by females who display a shy coyness that is quite a contrast to the carnal heat portrayed in the artworks. The symbolism inherent in the artworks is quite powerful. After all, during sexual congress a person’s genitalia are often the dominant focus of one’s energy so, in a sense, it is quite appropriate to portray the genitals as larger than life and with characters of their own . . .

Anime-08Anime-05Anime-07Unknown — Japan-15
A Young Lover & A Wei Chi game — Japan-20God of War Surprises a Celestial Nymph — Japan-18Love in Winter — Japan-23Loving couple with Handmaid — Japan-25
Loving Couples — Japan-21Play for Three — Japan-16Seated Courtesan by Miyagawa Choshun — Japan-22Unknown — Japan-17
Unknown — Japan-19Yoshiwaras House — Japan-24Love on the Porch — Japan-26Foreigners with a Courtesan — Japan-27
Japan-29 —Porcelain GeishaUnknown — Japan-28Unknown — Japan-30Japan-31 — Netsukes
Japan-32 — UnknownJapan-33 — UnknownJapan-34 — UnknownJapan-35 — Unknown
Japan-36 — UnknownJapan-37 — UnknownJapan-38 — Springtime DreamJapan-39 — Unknown
japan-79"Geisha and Samurai" - Japan-98"Outdoors lovers" - Japan-99
"Woman sitting on a huge penis" - Japan-100"Kimono sex" - Japan-101"Woman lending a helping hand" - Japan-102

Lesbian Set



 Nepalese Erotic Art

nepal-31nepal-35"Lower relief" - Nepal-36"Nepalese folk art" - Nepal-37
"Erotic temple sculptures" - Nepal-39

Tibetan Erotic Art


Malaysian Erotic Art

"Ostrich egg" - Malaysia-01