Discussion Group

You can use these guidelines and format to discuss any topic but the focus here is on the various facets of sex and society in the  Member's Pleasurable Activism Publications. You can choose one of our books or essays on subject you would like to talk about.

Once you have made your choice, please do the following:

  1. Copy & Paste the Article.
  2. Edit and add research according to the goals you want to debate
  3. Each article is only at a partial stage of completion. That is totally okay as they are continually evolving! However, you will have to customize your 'The Way it is" and "The Way It Could Be"
  4. If you wish, please send us a copy, so we can update the article with any new ideas.

Our articles are raw, evolving and incomplete. They are continually updated because the idea for a discussion group is to introduce material but also to learn new things.

Read snippets from your discussion texts and then discuss. That way you always have backup material if there are lulls in the conversation.

An ideal discussion group should always end with the feeling that there is more to discuss! In other words, the conversation was so engaging that time flew by and now it's over. When people have such a good time talking and want more they will come again.

Always announce your next discussion topics at the end of the group.

In other words, you should definitely allow polite interruptions. Sometimes those questions and comments can segue into interesting directions. Sometimes they can be distracting. You are the savant, the provocateur, the guardian of the bonhomie of your group so they can celebrate Vivre la différence the joie de vivre!

Guidelines for Hosting a 'Sex to Save the World Discussion Group

Start the conversation in your city! You can choose the topics you wish to discuss. That would often depend on the sensitivities of the culture and region you live in. However, no matter how conservative an area, there is always a place for a polite, civilized, practical and open discussions about sexuality!

Because we believe so much in the benefits of starting open, healthy conversations about sex in every society around the world, we give some of the guidelines and content for hosting your own groups for free.

These free resources allow anyone to host their own Meetup Discussion Group anywhere in the world!

However, as a member, you gain access to more in-depth discussion content and evolving research on the problems but also the many ways that sex can save the world.

EcoSex Discussion Guidelines for safe, consensual discussions about sex

  1. Use Meetup.com to set up your group. They charge a small monthly fee but then you would be able to describe the parameters of your discussion group as we do in ours. And you would be able to freely announce your groups to the many thousands of members who are interested in this topic.
  2. Charge a Fee. We charge $10 per person here in America. We suggest a similar amount in your region. Based on experience, a fee attracts those who genuinely wish to learn and discuss rather than loudly opine. When a discussion group is free and the subject is sex, that can attract characters who wish to impose their opinions on others. This is especially true for women whose voices are often drowned out when the subject is human sexuality.
  3. Place for Discussion Group. Your home is the cheapest place to host a discussion group. However, because the subject is sex you don't want to have potential 'creeps' in your house! Much better to find a local library or other community space that would be open to hosting the discussion group for a small fee or trade.
  4. Pick a Title for your Discussion Group. It should be something that is acceptable to the place where you are hosting the group. We use either 'EcoSex Discussion Group' or 'Sexuality to Save the World Discussion Group'. However, feel free to choose your own!
  5. Gender Balance when appropriate. Once people start joining your group and are planning to attend try to broadly gender balance. Women and trans women are often denied a voice in sexuality in many cultures. A discussion group that is male-dominated might have the unintended effect of drowning out the female voices!
  6. Healthy French Snacks for l'art de la conversation. Budget a small sum for some healthy sensual snacks or drinks such as chocolate or a little wine with Brie cheese thinly sized on crackers. A small tasteful food presentation can create amazing conversational ambiance!

Zoom before Physical Meetups

Because the discussion group is about sexuality and society, you want to have filters to prevent anti-social guests who do not follow the communication protocols needed in order to facilitate a conversation.

We recommend hosting zoom groups roughly once a month. And then on select days, perhaps twice a year, having a physical meetup with social time as well as discussion.

L'art de Conversation - The French Art of Conversation

The English language can be very blunt and practical. It is a language suitable for business, engineering, and other practical issues. French was traditionally seen as a language of love and diplomacy.

There are many words and concepts that relate to communication which did not exist in English so they had to be brought from the French. Words like, subtle, ennui, diplomacy, finesse, nuance,

In the art of conversation the French bring the following ideas:

  • A good conversation is an enjoyable process of learning and verbally fencing with other participants. Just as with fencing when you are 'en guarde' you are verbally thrusting and parrying with elegance and aplomb.
  • It is NOT a bludgeoning debate, like in American politics that emphasizes a Win/Lose dynamic. When 'winning' is all important this can encourage character attacks.

French Snacks for a little Atmosphere

If it is possible in your region to buy light French snacks. During the week people are just finishing work so it's nice to have a light snack.

For an affordable French experience we recommend the following snacks:

  1. Brie cheese sliced thinly and put on whole wheat crackers
  2. Depending on the group a bottle (or two!) of cheap red, white or rose wine.
  3. A bottle of Perrier water.
  4. A bunch of grapes!

In your advertising text you can say "To create an atmosphere of civil French Conversation, we are providing light French theme snacks at the meetup.

Meetup Schedule

On weekends there is much greater flexibility for a 2.5-hour discussion group.

However, if on a weekday we recommend the following timetable:

6:00 pm - Arrivals, Social Time and Check-Ins:

6:30 pm - Start Discussion Group - Intros & Housekeeping

  • Names and Goals. Start the group by allowing each participant to state their name and what they hope to get out of the particular discussion topic of the day. That will give you more ideas about what to talk about!

6:4o pm - Conversation Guidelines (polite free speech, interruptions, questions, etc)

6:50 pm - Read meetup text: Politics & Sex.

7:00 pm - Initiate moderated discussion.

8:00 pm - Winding down the discussion with a closing circle.

8:30 pm - Cleaning up and closing down the premises.

On weekends you have more flexibility but be sure to reserve your room space for 3 hours to ensure enough time.

Golden Rule if it's from 1 - 20 people it a discussion. If it's more than 20 then it's a discourse/lecture and you will need a bigger space.

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