Sex & Free Speech Discussion Groups

Depending on the region where you live, you will be organizing your discussion groups in different ways.

  1. High-Tolerance Countries - Scandinavia, North America, Australia, Western Europe. These will be the countries where you often also have great personal freedoms.  You can have discussions on the full range of topics covered.
  2. Middle-Level Tolerance Countries - Far East Asia, India, South America, South Africa. Suggest gender balancing to ensure fair female participation and to limit it to males who qualify to be part of the discussion. You can use material from the Member Discussion Topics area. However, those articles are raw and might have controversial content for your region. The Public Discussion Topics are more polished and easy to read as an introduction to your discussion group.
  3. Low Tolerance Countries - South Asian, Islamic & African. In Islamic regions and most places where there are authoritarian regimes, open conversations about sexuality are almost completely forbidden. It is still possible to use material from our Member Section in such countries but the wording and levels might be a little too risque. To avoid trouble, always host a group that is cautious for your region. For example, you might say 'romance' or 'relationship' in your titles instead of the word 'sex'. You know the limits of your region better than anyone else.

World LGBTQ Index

Any country or region that is tolerant of LGBTQ persons is a place that will also be much more tolerant and supportive of open discussions about sexuality.

For example, you could choose to have a different name for your discussion group depending on where you live! Here are some other options:

  1. Romance & Relationships Discussion Group
  2. Romance in Society Discussion Group
  3. Sexuality Incorrect Discussion Group
  4. Sexuality UnSilenced Discussion Group

We strongly recommend using the word discussion group. Remember, the subject is sexuality so you don't want to give anyone incorrect expectations.

Hedonisia Past Meetups ARCHIVE

Here are some of our past meetups which were held in Portland, Oregon. Some might be repeated due to popularity.

  • Sex & the Workplace: Sex Positive Portland (SPP)
  • Ending Slut-Shaming - Oct 15, 2018
  • Tantric Ganja”: Marijuana as a consent culture elixir compared to alcohol - Oct 22, 2018
  • Sex Workers”: Benefits to society for legalized sex work - Nov 5, 2018
  • EcoSex Entrepreneur: Sex Positive capitalism to address social or environmental issues. Nov 19, 2018
  • Sex & Politics - Jan 9, 2019
  • Sex & Religion - Feb 26, 2019
  • Sex & Family - Nov 5, 2019