This discussion group template fits into the word count requirements of group listings. Each group has already been held, so you have a working template for each discussion topic.

You will also notice that there are slight changes in the way the Discussion Group is presented. This is something you can do too as you experiment with formats that attract, inform, and engage your meetup members.

Copy and paste the text into your local meetup group and customize it as you wish. This is a google doc which you can make comments on.

We welcome your input to any of the Discussion group templates below:

Discussion Templates with Slideshows.

The slideshows are in PDF form. As a member you are welcome to use the PDF as is or customize it. If you make a new slide show be sure to include the copyright on last page of our parent website:

All Contents © Hedonisia LLC

Each discussion group is slightly different in format. This is because the PRePP approach is so customizable. Each discussion group has a particular focus on one of the four roadblocks to conversation.


  1. Sex & Free Speech Meetup Ad.
  2. Slideshow Presentation PDF.
  3. Host Discussion Notes.


  1. Sex & Free Speech Meetup Ad.
  2. Slideshow Presentation PDF. Discussion Topic: "Racial contributors to the Sexual Revolution."
  3. Host Discussion Notes.


  1. Sex & Free Speech Meetup Ad.
  2. Slideshow PDF: Discussion Topic: "Ethical Race Play."
  3. Host Discussion Notes.


  1. Sex & Free Speech Meetup Ad.
  2. Slideshow PDF: Discussion Topic: "
  3. Host Discussion Notes.


Suggested Discussion Topics. We discuss a subject that can be triggering or is politically incorrect. Participants then get to practice with the host if they are offended by any content in the speech. These are some sample topics we might discuss in the future:

  1. Military versus Militant Feminism: Women being strong and sex-positive rather than victimized.
  2. Cougars for World Peace: Consensual Intergenerational Dating
  3. White and African American women and their role in the Sexual Revolution.
  4. Sex Positive Feminism, Political Correctness, and Free Speech.
  5. Sexually Incorrect! Gender Politics, Kink, and non-PC fantasies.
  6. The Problems and Pleasures of International Dating.

Meetup Format for Discussion Group

Step by Step Application Template

In this section, you will have template content for each step of your Meetup Application.

Simply do the following:

  • Copy the text for each Meetup question which we have listed in Purple.
  • Paste the text into the relevant box!
  • Customize the text according to your own needs for your group.

Step 1 of 4:

What's your new Meetup Group's hometown?

Start safe! Cities tend to be more open-minded than villages and rural areas. However, whether you live in the city or the country people want to talk about sex! If you do live in a small town or village, simply tone down the language and pick 'safer' sex subjects in the beginning to test your audience. If your meetups go well then you can be a little bit more risqué.

Step 2 of 4:

What will your Meetup be about?

In this section, you can put down search words that reflect your Meetup. This will give you further sub keywords. Simply click on all those which apply to people or topics you'd like to attract and discuss.

You are allowed 15 words or phrases. We recommend using any of the following search words. However, you are free to choose your own based on your particular interests and your culture's sensitivities.

  1. human sexuality
  2. ecofeminism
  3. sex and sexuality
  4. sexual education
  5. sexual healing
  6. sexuality awareness
  7. sensual and erotic education
  8. sapiosexual
  9. intellectual discussion
  10. intelligent conversation
  11. LGBTQ
  12. self-improvement
  13. conversation
  14. ethics
  15. social entrepreneur
  16. sapiophile
  17. eccentric free thinkers
  18. social entrepreneur
  19. social innovation

Step 3 of 4

What will your Meetup's name be?

We suggest 'Sexuality to Save the World Discussion Group!' However, if you live in a more conservative region you can create a more suitable title that will not get you into trouble.

For example, you could say:

  • Sex & Society Discussion Group
  • Intimacy and Society Discussion Group
  • World Sex Discussion Group
  • EcoSex Discussion Group
  • World EcoSex Discussion Group
  • Human Relations Discussion Group

Of course, you can use the English text or translate into your own language.

Tip. If you live in a very conservative non-English society, it is a good idea to sometimes advertise and list some of your content in English, French or another language associated with progressive ideas. That way you would attract conversation participants who are perhaps more open to other ideas.

Describe who should join, and what your Meetup will do.

Sexuality to Save the World! is a discussion group on the problems facing society related to sexual dysfunction.

Sexuality touches almost all facets of human behavior. Yet it is one of the most difficult subjects to talk about! Across the world, sexuality has strong effects on society both positive and negative, but it is not a subject for polite discussion.

We discovered that many ordinary people like to talk intellectually about sex in a way that is educational, consensual, polite, safe, fun and social. There are wonderful people in every town and city around the world, who are happy to pay for the opportunity to talk intelligently about sex in a way that is civil and safe.

Each discussion group looks at problems in sexuality as it impacts religion, culture, the media, psychology, violence and so on. A full list of our sex and society essays can be found on our website.

We discuss practical sustainable solutions to some of the unhappy consequences of dysfunctional sexuality in the world today. This is not a 'debating' group where there is a 'winner' or 'loser'. We have created a structure that hearkens back to the joys of conversation and communication or at the French call l'art de la conversation.

In these times, where people shout their opinions at each other it has been very refreshing to have wonderful, genteel, civilized, funny and entertaining conversations with different kinds of people about the most controversial subject in the world, sex.

You don't have to be in a sex business to benefit from this discussion. It is about a new way of looking at sexuality; as a practical tool to address social and environmental issues.

To state the obvious, we are all a product of sex. It is our life force and how we use this powerful energy affects almost every aspect of our existence.

Sex is connected to so many forms of human behavior. However, it is often connected in a way that is dysfunctional; with societal or environmental costs. More often than not when we look in the world we see examples of the negative effects of sex in society rather than benefits.

Nearly everything that humans do has a sexual component. It is a foundation for human life and human behavior. It is our life force and it underlies many of our motivations.

When we try to banish sexual pleasure, as religions often try to do, people will often find harmful 'substitutes'. Violence is often substituted for sex and so is consumerism.

Benefits from Knowing more about World Sexuality

  1. Personal. Seeing how sexuality connects with social, religious and political problems in the world, creates a greater understanding for living in a healthy sex-positive way. It has been argued that the mind is the largest sexual organ. A sapiosexual is someone who is turned on by intelligence. Having intelligent conversations about sexuality is a safe way to educate and explore sexuality in a manner that is personal but not too personal.
  2. Social. Having 'big picture' conversations about sex is a great way to come to terms with one's own personal sexuality. Hosting or being a part of a World Sex Discussion Group is also a wonderful way to talk and socialize about something that is personal and intimate but in a non-threatening way.
  3. Political. Politics can be very personal. That is very true when with the effects of politics on sexuality. With greater awareness of the 'big-picture' issues as they relate to sex, people can engage politically on sex-positive platforms or support candidates who do. Many societies in the world threaten sexual rights and freedoms in the name of 'morality'. As the LGBTQ movement has shown, sexuality is a political issue. And rights must be fought for. Education and communication about sexuality is a great first step.
  4. Hedonista Entrepreneur. Defined as a person(s) who create a company that works positively with sexuality to address environmental or social issues. Sex is one of the great last untapped bastions for social entrepreneur capitalism. As an eco-sex entrepreneur, politician or activist, a person can address sexual dysfunction in human behavior. We provide research and resources for those who wish to be a Hedopreneur.

Sex like food, water and shelter is a basic need. However, it is not given equal respect as such. Just as a starving person will behave differently when people have a lack of fulfilling love and sex in their life they will engage in other types of behavior to compensate.

We observe the connection of sex to both a problem and possible solutions:

  1. The way it is - Identify the Problem: We identify an area of sexual dysfunction. For example, in Sex and Politics, we might look at the sex scandals that often engulf male politicians and we try to identify the underlying causes and dysfunctions this causes.
  2. The way it could be - EcoSex Solution. We suggest eco-sex entrepreneur ideas or personal and political solutions that attempt to address the issue. As a discussion group, we can look at ways to apply social entrepreneur principles to create sex-positive products or services that benefit the planet and society.

Step 4 of 4

What it means to be a Meetup

  • Real, in-person conversations
  • Open and honest intentions
  • Always safe and respectful
  • Put your members first

Those are noble goals as espoused by the Meetup organization!

Meetup was founded after the events of September 11, 2001, to facilitate conversations and meetings around the world. Their organization has had great success in providing a platform for people to meet based on their interests.

Mojo has traveled in a number of countries and used Meetup to immediately meet people in a country who share his interests. Meetup is a fantastic platform for hosting your Sex to Save the World Discussion Group.

Choose your Meetup payment options. We recommend the 6-month Basic Plan as the cheapest option. You start small and work your way up.