Sub-Sahara African Erotica

Africans people are still very openly sensual in terms of their music and dance they have absorbed the guilt-inspiring sexual ethos of Christianity and Islam whose empires conquered most of Sub-Saharan Black Africa.

There was once a time when the Zulu women of southern Africa wore little more than a loincloth. Today, Zulu women are demurely covered up in drab Western attire whilst the Westerners, whose missionaries made the Zulus and other African tribes cover up in the first place, can now be seen half naked at many African beach resorts.

And while much African erotica is hidden away, it is still created. This artwork was purchased furtively from a Matabele tribal artist in Zimbabwe in 1995.

African Matabele Lovers in 69 position - Zimbabwe
African Matabele Lovers in 69 position

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