Book The Kama Sutra
Author Vatsyayana (Hindu Sage)
Date/Place 1st Century AD; India
Comments The world's most famous manual on the art of making love
The signs of the enjoyment and satisfaction of the woman are as follows: her body relaxes, she closes her eyes, she puts aside all bashfulness, and shows increased willingness to unite the two organs as closely together as possible. On the other hand, the signs of her want of enjoyment and of failing to be satisfied are as follows: she does not let the man get up, she feels dejected, bites the man, kicks him, and continues to go on moving after the man has finished. In such cases the man should rub the yoni(vagina) of the woman with his hand and fingers (as the elephant rubs anything with his trunk) before engaging in congress, until the yoni is softened, and then he should proceed to put his lingam (penis) into her.
A man does not succeed either by implicitly following the inclination of a girl, or by wholly opposing her; he should therefore adopt the middle course.. He who knows how to make himself beloved by women, as well as to increase their honour and create confidence in them, this man becomes the object of their love. But he who neglects a girl thinking she is too bashful, is despised by her as a beast ignorant of the working of the female mind. Moreover, a girl forcibly enjoyed by one who does not understand the hearts of girls becomes nervous, uneasy, and dejected, and begins to hate the man who has taken advantage of her.
At the first time of love-making, the passion of the male is intense and his time to ejaculation is short, but in subsequent unions on the same day, the reverse is the case. With the woman it is the contrary, for at the first her passion will be weak and her time until orgasm long, but on other occasions of lovemaking on the same day, her passion will become more intense and her time until orgasm very short.
IN71 "Many young men may enjoy one woman, who may be married to one of them, either one after the other or at the same time. Thus, one of them holds her, another enjoys her, a third uses her mouth, a fourth holds her middle part and in this way they go on enjoying her several parts simultaneously."
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