China is yet another example of a great civilization with a deeply sensual past and a rigidly conservative present. The ruling communist party has an attitude towards sexuality that any religious fundamentalist would be proud of.

In "modern" China, it is illegal to reproduce anything which the authorities define as immoral or pornographic. This would even include erotic paintings and statues from earlier times in China's history such as the image depicted below.

The longer the battle raged, the more imposing became the stature of his Warrior, and with it, his courage; no longer was her Pleasure Grotto a bottomless pit. Both on the sides and in the depths the desired contact was made. Her body began to quiver and writhe voluptuously, and moans of pleasure issued from her lips. The grass and bushes around her Gateway grew moist with the dew of ecstasy. He reached for the cloth, to wipe away some of the juices, but she restrained him. A Battle of the Sexes, she felt, should be a wild frenzy, an ecstatic temple dance with a rousing accompaniment of gongs and drums.


The Way to Holiness Through the Flesh - Jou Pu Tuan

AuthorUnknown Chinese Taoist Erotica

1368 - 1644 (Ming Period); China

Yin, Yang Swing Lovers! China - Chinese Taoist Erotica

Swing Lovers, Taoist Chinese Erotica
Yin Yang, Swing Lovers, China


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