“The greatest feminists have also been the greatest lovers. I'm thinking not only of Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughter Mary Shelley, but of Anais Nin, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and of course Sappho. You cannot divide creative juices from human juices. And as long as juicy women are equated with bad women, we will err on the side of being bad.” 
― Erica Jong

Hedonisia Hawaii is an intentional community which manages this website according to principles of what we call 'Sensual Feminism': To focus on female empowerment rather than victimization.

1) Physical Empowerment

To be totally politically incorrect about it, men tend to have greater upper body strength than women so to equalize this imbalance women need the tools to strengthen their ability to defend themselves. Women cannot wait for laws and the police (who tend to be men to defend them from rape). For one thing they are not around when the act is occurring and for another, the judicial process is often completely humiliating and degrading for women.

For some reason the women's movement have never acknowledged or respected the potential violence of women. Violence has always been considered a man's domain.

  1. - Physical empowerment. Women being able to physically defend themselves from rape. Self defense courses and instructions for women. Karate, Aikido and other martial arts show that a weaker opponent can overcome a stronger one. Women need to be taught this at schools, the workplace, everywhere.
  2. - Giving women the tools the need to defend and protect themselves.  Women need the legal authority and training to carry appropriate weaponry to 'equalize the playing field'. For example 'defensive weapons' such as pepper spray, mace, guns, tasers.
  3. - Power in numbers. Men have physical strength. But in India the Pink Sari Revolution has showed that women can unite and fight back physically against men who abuse and rape them. Much more effective than waiting for the (male) police and male dominated judicial system especially in patriarchal traditional countries.

2) Sexual Empowerment. A woman can be a feminist and be sexy and sexual. One of the great mistakes of the traditional feminist movement was to equate female sexuality with the 'objectification' and subjugation of women. While there is no doubt this happens, to blanket sexuality with this overly broad brush pushed men away from feminism. Younger women 'get this'. Look at the 'Slut walks' that happen across the world. The marchers tend to be young women. Their grandmother and mothers of traditional feminism look on with disdain.

3) Female Equality benefits Men. The way that traditional feminism pushed it's agenda was to make feminism a 'zero sum game'; the emancipation of women would come at the expense of men. In actuality when women are equal men have some major benefits. The sexuality of a 'liberated' woman compared to a woman from a strongly patriarchal culture is very apparent. Plus men get to be true fathers rather than just 'bread winners'. Custody should be shared in divorce as the experience in Denmark shows which leads to more logical blended families.

4) Gender Fluidity. Younger feminists talk about queer rights, bisexuality and gender fluidity much to the exasperation of older feminists. They are completely right to do so. When men feel less pressure to be 'men' with all that entails they can explore their 'feminine' side. Whether that to become 'transgender' and completely change over or simply to wear feminine clothes and still be a straight guy it allows men and women to 'blur' the lines between genders to the benefit of both.

5) Freedom of Speech. To accept that freedom speech is NOT politically correct. When the focus of feminism is on the language men use and the battle is to control that language legislatively there is a backlash. Again many younger women understand the difference between so called derogatory words and derogatory actions. "Slut Walk' was invented by younger women. Bitch is used often by younger women without feeling any less of a woman for it. Chauvinistic sounding rap or songs like 'Blurred Lines' can be enjoyed and stimulate discussion rather than trying to ban such speech. In fact, the song Blurred Lines stirred up much debate and satire which is more preferable than trying to stifle such lyrics.

6) Recognition that Sex is not politically correct. Many women have rape fantasies without wanting to actually be raped. Many women enjoy porn even though it is currently male centric. The simple act of heterosexual sex is primal. It involves a woman opening up herself to be penetrated by a man. She is the receiver he is the thruster! The entire BDSM movement would be outlawed if sex were politically correct!

7) Men need to know and enjoy vulnerability too. In relation to the above, it is really helpful when men have been 'penetrated' by a woman. Whether it's by her finger or a strap-on dildo, when a man knows what it means to be vulnerable and on the 'receiving end', it does more for his understanding of women than any amount of politically correct 're-education' can ever do!

8) Bisexual Women joining forces to reward men as well as to punish them. As porn shows ad nauseum, men love the fantasy of being with more than one woman. Younger women in their twenties in the West tend to identify as bisexual more than older women. One of the biggest fantasies that modern couples today have is sharing another woman. One only has to look at the Wanted ads in any dating sex website. But that presupposes a man and a woman as the primary relationship seeking a 'unicorn' a fabled bisexual woman who joins their team. The problem is that it seldom happens hence the reason for calling the third woman a 'unicorn' after the mythical animal. And when it does it is often a short term fling that ends in heartbreak often for the said unicorn who gets shut out of the primary relationship.

However, what if the primary relationship were two women and they then sought a really cool guy to be with whether on a short term basis or as a relationship. It would by it's very nature end male dominance of any relationship while at the same time 'rewarding' a great progressive and feminist positive man with two lovers! Guys who are chauvinist and macho would not get such a bonding. Because men are so logical and results oriented, if more women adopted this approach, not only would they ensure that they as women always have the upper hand, they would do so with the enthusiastic endorsement of many many men!

9) To defend women who defend themselves. If a woman kills her rapist or a wife kills her abusing husband, women everywhere should flock to her defense. Asylum and refugee status can and should be given to women who do so in traditional countries and then face male judicial wrath.

10) To view Mother Nature and Women's bodies as one and the same. This is the 'eco' part of ecofemme-inism. Men rape women all over the world. Every culture, religion or region. This tends not to happen much the other way. Men through mining, clear cutting, drilling, and other extractive industries are also the primary beings that rape Mother Nature. Not many women work in those industries except in the 'office' end.

Whether it's a penis being forced into a woman's body or a diamond bit drilling into the earth the results are the same. Men take what they want forcefully and then leave a mess afterwards. However, to continue the analogy 'drilling' can be pleasurable for women. So too, if care is taken, men can extract a certain amount from Mother Nature as long as he puts something back. A woman's body is never the same after she has been 'ploughed' or 'drilled' by a man. So too with nature.

We are not advocating turning the entire planet into a sacred park where nothing can be touched. Responsible extraction creates products, services and technology that can better both. After all, if one day a nuclear missile is used to 'save' the planet from a stay meteor what can even the most extreme environmentalist say?

11) 'Femmepreneur' Economic empowerment. Quotas, affirmative action, sexual harassment laws etc tend to continually cast women in the role of victims. Because of feminism's traditional hostility towards capitalism women have tended not to think of themselves as owners, founders and creators of world changing businesses. The traditional feminist movement has often castigated capitalism as an outgrowth of patriarchy. This has been to the detriment of women who are encouraged to 'raise' the glass ceiling rather than to 'own' it.

12) Victors not Victims. Rather than continually complain about men and patriarchy we advocate doing rather than talking. At the same time the unemployment and poverty rate for women across the planet is much higher than it is for men. So we advocate the EcoFemme-inist Enterprise, the creation of goods and services that directly improve the lives and rights of women while at the same time providing employment and opportunity to women (and men) who view problems as causes for inspiration rather than despair.

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