Volunteer for World Art Erotica!

World Art Erotica was managed by the Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community until our community was destroyed in the Kilauea volcanic eruption of May 2018.

Portland Pride Parade 2018
Sex Positive & Proud! Portland Pride 2018

Mojo, the Community Director of Hedonisia, found so much inspiration and support in Portland that he ended up living there part-time in a two bedroom apartment which is now called the 'Hedonisia Micro-Community '.

Portland is increasingly popular as a travel destination for those who are proud liberals. However, the Hedonisia community concept was designed to be used in any country or region.

We now manage World Art Erotica and a a portfolio of feminist and sex positive business projects from our 'Micro-Community ' in Portland until it is possible for us to return and rebuild in Hawaii.

You can volunteer on this website in one of two ways:

Supporters of Hedonisia!

  1. Rebirth and Rebuild Crowdfund. One day the volcano will allow us to return and rebuild. Help us prepare for that day.
  2. Patreon Supporter: Patrons actually support us in all the sex positive and ecofeminist entrepreneur projects that we are working on. This allows us to continue to create and innovate without the distraction of bills!