How to be an Ethical Erotic Entrepreneur!

We teach you how to develop sexy products & services that help to save the planet, improve society & give yourself a fun and rewarding business career! Creative business ideas that work with sexuality in a positive and ethical manner. 


Dysfunction in sexuality is a root cause in many of the problems we face around the world today. In most cultures, it is very very difficult to have open hones, conversations or debates about human sexuality as it is practiced today around the world. This is one of our main intentions; to encourage rather than stifle debate. In other words, this is NOT a politically correct website!

Our goal is not just to describe the problems but to actually offer practical business based solutions! We would argue that one of the most sustainable ways to create the change you want to see in the world is to create a business 'solution'.

In times of high unemployment and world recession, working with sexuality in a positive way can be a very 'uplifting' experience! (pun intended!) For women especially who live in this patriarchal world, sex can be very disempowering. However, by creating a Sensual Enterprise, you can not only address sexual dysfunction in a particular facet of human behavior but you can also feel empowered economically and sexually!

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