Volunteer for World Art Erotica

World Art Erotica was managed by the Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community until our community was destroyed in the Kilauea volcanic eruption of May 2018.

We continue to manage World Art Erotica and the Hedonisia Lava to Lotus web portfolio of creative projects. We invite you to volunteer on any of the projects you feel interested in.

Virtual Volunteers

From Sex and Religion to Sex and Politics, talking about sex is often always controversial. So this project is not for the politically correct. Volunteers can choose to do writing and research work on these subjects.

The draft manuscripts are in the Member's Area. If accepted to work as a volunteer you will receive a Username and Login which allows you to access and work on the articles.

Many of the volunteers who have helped on this site have done so with requests for their confidentiality. We respect that due to the fact that open discussions of sexuality are still forbidden and frowned upon in many cultures.

Sex Work. Work experience in a sex-related field may be substituted for formal education. Please specify what related work experience you have.

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