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Sex TV
First aired in on City TV in Toronto, Canada. This documentary has also been shown on Citytv Bogota - Colombia, Arena Channel - Australia, She-TV - Japan, RTL4/RTL5/Veronica - The Netherlands & Luxembourg, Sky 1 - New Zealand, Bravo - U.K., Eire, Globosat - Brazil, TV!TV! - Finland
Ooh La La
A Canadian TV News Entertainment magazine style show that is shown nationally
Global TV
Canadian National Evening News, 1999
History Channel (A&E)
November 1999 and August, 2000. Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Art from World Art Erotica and the website itself featured in a special 5 hour documentary called, The History of Sex and another documentary that aired in August, 2000 called Superstitions.


Visitor Reviews of World Art Erotica
"I just wanted to tell you that I came across your site while surfing the Net and I have to say it is great, especially the part on Muslim erotica. I am 31, living alone with my 34-year-old husband in India, and like you too, we both hail from conservative Muslim households. Yet, we believe firmly believe in free sex and what we fail to understand is why people believe it to be so dirty. Sex is great fun and it gives a lot of pleasure, and there's nothing wrong about it. My husband and I share the same beliefs. In fact, I have sex with other men with my husband's full knowledge, and he doesn't mind a thing. He wants me to enjoy my sex life to the hilt, and we also often have group sex with other men. This hasn't however changed our love for each other and neither will it ever do so. We still love each other like mad, but my husband has given me absolute freedom to enjoy my sex life as I want.."
Shalisa, New Delhi, India

"Real nostalgia".
John, United States

"I compliment you on this site and find the service the best."
Spokane, Washington

"I just wanted to send you my compliments on a web site well done! I fully agree with what you say there, as I preach the same "religion" as you."
Montreal, Canada.

"Congrats on a site I am comfortable visiting because of the positive attitudes!"
Sara, California, U.S.A.

"Great Idea!!! ...Good luck against the "moralists"!
Lars, Sweden

"I stumbled across your website, World Art Erotica, this evening while I was wandering aimlessly throught the Internet. Actually, my wandering wasn't truly aimless, I was really looking for a guide to tying people up, but I get easily sidetracked. Anyway, i found W.A.E., and I felt compelled to write a letter. I loved it! I am always happy to see well-written sites promoting positive sexuality, especially living in this stuffy, generally conservative state of New Jersey."

World Art Erotica has been featured in the book: Complete idiot's Guide to Sex on the Net by Rachel and James Anders. MacMillan Publishing.