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Our effort is to promote tolerance, understanding, and education about sexuality through art and literature. Living sensually, however, does not happen in a vacuum. It's hard to feel sexual when you live in a filthy polluted city. It's almost impossible to feel sensual if you are a woman living under primitive patriarchal conditions. Sexual Rights and Human Rights and even Reproductive Rights go hand in hand. How sultry and sensual can you feel if you are trying to bring up six children with an abusive husband?

And so, here are some of the most important organizations that are working in various ways to make this planet a more pleasurable place to live in:

Sexual Rights & Freedom

The countries that are most dictatorial and least respective of human rights are also those with the most restrictive attitudes towards sexuality in general.

Sex to Save the World EcoSex Entrepreneurship

For people to be truly free to live out their sensuality, their minds must also be free. This is why countries with the greatest individual rights and freedoms are such as the Scandinavian countries and Holland are also where people enjoy their sexuality more fully.

Amnesty International is working hard for the human rights of all those who are persecuted be they gay, straight, woman or man. In many countries, people who live a sexual lifestyle that is not the societal norm can be punished very severely.

Women's Rights & Gender Equality

Women's rights are human rightsThe fantasy of nearly every heterosexual male on the planet is to meet a beautiful and sexually liberated woman. Yet at the same time, there are still laws in many countries that severely curtail the rights and freedoms of the female gender.

Unless women enjoy the same human and social rights as men they will never feel free enough to really let go into their sexual pleasures.

EcoFeminist Entrepreneur: Gender Equality through Conscious Capitalism!

In Scandinavian countries, women enjoy a greater degree of equality than almost anywhere else on the planet. As a result, these countries in the cold North of Europe have some of the most liberated and sensual women

on earth.

On the other hand, women in Muslim countries are dominated by the Patriarchal commandments of Islam. Should a Muslim woman really let go into her sexuality she can pay for it with her life. So for many, it's simply safer to just be docile and passive in the bedroom.

Environmental Protection & Sustainable Living

Sensual EcoTourism in Paradise
Sensual EcoTourism in Paradise!

For many couples, one of the most exotic places to make love is somewhere in nature. On a beautiful beach, in a jungle, in fresh clean snow in the woods. Nature is a riot of sex. (If you don't think so, just think of pretty petaled flowers filled with nectar begging to be pollinated!)

Nature is wild and primitive and so is the best lovemaking. The definitive sensual paradise is The Garden of Eve. According to legend, it was the playground of Adam and Eve; all artistic renditions of Eve's Garden depict a place that is lushly green.

People who really enjoy their sensual selves are also quite concerned about the environment.

Update: Hedonisia Hawaii was destroyed by the Kilauea Volcanic eruption on May 27, 2018. We have set up a Return, Rebuild, Rebirth Crowdfund for a new Hedonisia when it is safe and feasible to return to our land.

Reproductive Rights & Sex-Positive Contraception

Reproductive Rights Justice Women
Reproductive Rights for Women

Reproductive Rights is one of the most serious human rights violations of women in the world. In many countries, even if a woman becomes pregnant from being raped, she is forced to give birth.

Overpopulation is one of the greatest threats to this planet. It is also one of the greatest threats to a good love life! One of the great ironies in much of the Third World is that a man's prowess as a lover is measured by how many sons he can sire. This is especially so in the Muslim and African countries.

EcoSensual Natural Contraception
EcoSensual Natural Birth Control

Nothing could be further from the truth. Men who father many children tend to be lousy lovers but quick ejaculators! As well, the more children a woman has the less she enjoys making love.


It is said that children are one of the main deterrents to good sex. Just try making love when you're kids are in the house. If your children are babies that is precisely when they choose to have a crying fit. If they are small children then that is when they want to barge into the room to find out what is going on. And if they are teenagers then they think it's "pretty gross" that their parents are still making love!! And so many adults have chosen to live child-free. Not only does that leave them with more time and money but it also allows them to spend more time with each other. Here are some websites and organizations that promote the Child Free lifestyle.


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